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TieBreaker lifts Agricultural Ties (Agricultural Occupancy Conditions) often succeeding where earlier applications may have failed.

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Not all Agricultural Ties can or should be removed but in the changing world of agriculture many have outlived their usefulness and some should never have been imposed at all. However, to be fair to Local Planning Authorities the system of allowing agricultural dwellings, which came into force in 1948 to prevent sporadic uncontrolled development spoiling the countryside, has frequently been abused over the years and is one reason behind the general reluctance of planners to approve applications to lift ties. But it can be done!

It is well known that a property with a tie will have a much lower value than the same property without a tie. For many years the generally accepted discount to open market value has been one third, e.g. with tie £200,000 without tie £300,000. Due to the big rise in property prices in recent years planners and more importantly Planning Inspectors who deal with planning appeals are now looking for 40-50% discounts when dealing with more expensive properties (typically those over £500,000) making the case for investigating whether a tie can be lifted even stronger.

Trying to sell a tied property to the very few people able to comply with the tie combined with the reluctance of most Banks and Building Societies to offer finance to purchase such dwellings make it a daunting task. You may not be thinking of selling at the present time but wish to be in a position to be able to sell at full market value at a time of your choosing. For example, many of our clients are getting to an age where they want to put their affairs in order so as not to leave a surviving spouse in financial difficulties struggling to sell the property which may be too large or isolated for them to live in alone. It is in these sort of situations where the TIEBREAKER service may be able to help.

When you are dealing with the potential gain or loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds or as in a recent case we dealt with, over £1 Million difference in the "with tie" or "without tie" valuations most would agree that the preparation and submission of an application to lift a tie is not a task to be entrusted to amateurs as the following actual case illustrates.

A little while ago we were contacted by the owner of a most attractive property subject to an Agricultural Tie, located in a high value area in the south of England. Six months previously he had contacted a respected firm of property agents with a view to selling his property. Without the tie the property was thought to be worth £1 Million and perhaps £650,000 as it stood. The agents offered to submit an application to try and lift the tie provided the owner appointed their agency as sole agent to market the property. The elderly owner who was property rich but cash poor agreed to the arrangement.

Predictably their "half-baked" application was refused but worse, the supporting documentation prepared and presented carelessly by the agent and which of course became part of the planning history of the property, caused untold problems when we took over the case. Despite this we did manage eventually to lift the tie but the owner and his wife had unnecessarily been put through enormous stress for many months contemplating the "loss" of £350,000.

For an informal discussion please contact us via the email contact form. An appraisal without cost or obligation or contact with your Council will assess the chances of a successful application. We will not visit without your invitation and rest assured that your enquiry will not expose you to a "hard sell".

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